Martin Luther King, The Southern Christian Leadership Conference

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Under the leadership of Martin Luther King, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), bought the Black Civil Rights Movement and his desegregation concepts to Birmingham in 1963 for several reasons. The most pivotal of these reasons being his African American racial status and his Christian faith which drove him to fight for the rights his people deserved.

He believed that the most racial injustice lay not only in the Southern states of America but in Birmingham, Alabama as expressed in his 1963 ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail,’ to fellow clergymen who criticized his methods, King stating, “I am in Birmingham because injustice is here.” In Birmingham, much like other Southern American States public facilities such as parks, movie theatres, lunch bars, restaurants, and water fountains were segregated (African Americans had different, lesser facilities than the Whites) which ultimately led King, SCLC, and ordinary African American citizens to hold these non-violent protests to have the desegregation they had sought after for many years.

His second reason to bring the Black Civil Rights Movement to Birmingham was due to their Commissioner of Public Safety, Eugene ‘Bull’ Connor. Connor was greatly opposed to the idea of segregation and King knew Connor’s reaction to the non-violent movement he had proposed would be one of violence and aggression. The town also had a history of extreme violence, not only towards African Americans but “nigger-lovers” alike. Examples

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