Martin Luther Vs Catholic Vs Protestants

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Catholic VS. Protestants On behalf of Martin Luther, today I am here to defend him against the trial between the Catholics and Protestants. My client is innocent for the reasons being that his statement claims that it is wrong for the Catholic church to tell people that they can buy their way into Heaven. Martin Luther believed that the reward of going to heaven could not be purchased, it had to be earned. Martin Luther strongly believed that the practices of the Catholic church were corrupt. He wanted a change to happen to this system. The only way that would occur would be if Luther made a change to the way situations were being handled. Thus, the Catholic Reformation began, near the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Today I will explain why my client is innocent and why his statement is justifiable. First and foremost, Martin Luther believed that the practices of the church were incredibly wrong. Catholic churches were misleading people and telling them that they would be able to receive the gift of Heaven through the priest which was false and corrupt. The Catholic churches told many that if they paid the church, they would receive the gift of Heaven without having to repent and ask for forgiveness. My client believes in the Bible and that the only way a person could reach Heaven, would be through creating and developing a relationship with God. Luther strongly disagreed with the idea of thinking that a man was able to grant a person access to Heaven.

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