Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Plot Overview The story of Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley,starts off with Robert Walton, one of the main characters in the book, on his mission to explore the North Pole. Walton is the captain of a ship heading to the North Pole. He writes to his sister who lives in England the dangers of the mission. Suddenly the mission is interrupted by impervious ice. While trapped in the ice Walton and his crew spot a strange figure in a dog-drawn-sledge. The following day they encounter another figure but this time it is Victor Frankenstein. He has also been travelling by dog-drawn-sledge but has been weakened by the cold. Walton brings Victor onboard. As soon as Victor Frankenstein starts to recover he starts describing to Walton his early…show more content…
But while he waits for the monster he hears Elizabeth scream, realizing that the monster was planning to kill her and not Victor. When his father also dies he decides to find the monster and have his revenge. Victor chases the monster but, when he is about to catch up with the monster, the ice breaks, separating Victor and the monster.Now the narrative catches up to when Victor encounters Walton. Walton finishes the remainder of the story with a few other letters directed to his sister. Victor’s illness worsens and dies shortly thereafter. Walton decides to cancel the mission. Several days later Walton returns and, to his surprise, finds the monster weeping in remorse. He confesses that he meant no harm for his creator and that now that he is gone he too will end his life. Character Analysis Victor Frankenstein - The protagonist and main narrator of portions of the story. He is the creator of the monster that ruins his life and the life of others. The monster - The eight-foot-tall hideous creation of Victor Frankenstein. He tries to integrate into the human society but is rejected by everybody. His feeling of loneliness and abandonment lead him to seek revenge against Victor Frankenstein, his creator. Robert Walton - The Arctic seafarer that picks the weakened Victor Frankenstein up off the ice and brings him back to health. He hears Victor’s story records the incredible tale in a series of letters addressed to his

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