Mary Warren : Lovable Servant Or Liar?

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Mary Warren: Lovable servant or violent liar? Mary Warren is seen throughout the play as being the lovable servant that is loyal to the Proctors and appears to pose no threat whatsoever. However, Mary holds a dark secret that the entire audience finds out in the middle of the play, she is a cold-hearted liar. Mary proves to be the second biggest liar in the entire play right behind Abigail as she will pick those who oppose her and will accuse them of witchcraft so that they may be silenced before they can continue with the truth. Mary proves this little claim true when she has both Elizabeth and John Proctor thrown in jail as they have both learned the truth and are making an attempt to stop everything that is happening. Mary Warren is probably the biggest liar in the story right behind Abigail Williams as she will turn against the family that gave her a place to sleep and a home to live in, in order to be saved by the truth that is leaking out. Mary Warren reveals her lying needs in act two when she is called upon by John and Elizabeth Proctor to tell them what had happened during the court that she had appeared at earlier in the day. Mary Warren explains to the Proctors that she had been called upon by the court in order to testify against Goody Osburn in which she tells the Proctors, “I say to myself, I must not accuse this woman, for she sleep in ditches, and so very old and poor. Mary appears to show signs of sympathy towards Goody Osburn as she is showing that she

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