Mass Destruction

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The purpose of this article is to address the need for further training for First Responders. This article discussed Police, Fire Department, Public Officials responses to emergency incidents and protocols needed by each agency. It will also look into what lapses there is in training and what can be done to improve and be better prepared in case the situation arises again. As George Santayana stated, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (2016) The journal started off like very few do, with a fictional story. A story of two policemen and how their day was going but took a dramatic change for the worse. This scene was different from normal days, not any day but the 4th of July. Two highly trained policemen, …show more content…

Most importantly what is a Weapon of Mass destruction (WMD)? Numerous definitions of WMDs were discussed but Henry and King focused more on The Federal Emergency Management Agency definition which states ‘‘any weapon that is designed or intended to cause death or serious bodily injury through the release, dissemination, or impact of toxic or poisonous chemicals; disease organisms; radiation or radioactivity; or explosion or fire.” (Henry/King, pg. 6) With this definition in mind is what the paper focuses on. The authors then discuss in depth look at what Biological, Chemical and Radiological weapons are. What their makeup is. Certain chemicals than can be in these WMDs. And also how they can be delivered. Most importantly it was discussed how first responders typically respond to an incident. Police, Fire, EMT etc. should all approach the affected area cautiously. Even though these first responders have spent copious amounts of training via classroom and practical, appropriate Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) the situation is dangerous and their first actions should be to secure the scene. Secure the scene to not only care and render aid to the injured but to also cordon off the area to ensure future casualties are limited. First responders are highly trained but there are individuals that have specialized training in these type of environments and should take the lead in the case of such an …show more content…

The claim for better policies, procedures, protocols and plans is of valid concern. These need to be in place for not only for government agencies that might have to respond to such a heinous event in the future but the need to take into account state and local agencies. Without proper procedures in place, implemented and practiced the confusion of 9-11 will happen again. First responders cannot be expected to deal with the emergency at hand. They need to be there to access the situation and cordon off the area. As stated by Henry and King “emergency responders, including supervisors, experts, and managers who respond later are made more fully aware of policies, procedures, and protocols, they can begin the task of saving lives much

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