Mass Incarceration Of The Minority Groups Essay

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Anita Mora
English 142B
Mass Incarceration of the Minority Groups in the United States
The Jim Crow laws refer to a legislative act that was passed in 1877, which aimed at discriminating the minority groups in America, such as the African Americans, native Indians, immigrant Italians, and Hispanics. The southern states unanimously supported the Jim Crow laws because they were regarded as conservatives who desired to keep the Africans and Red Indians as slaves. The 13th amendment was opposed by the white settlers from the southern states, and for them to maintain their supremacy over the minority races, the whites established a criminal justice system that was meant to ensure that Africans remained in bondage. The criminal justice system was designed in a way that played the same role as the Jim Crow laws. In fact, the institution has been discriminative through the policies enacted, which protect the whites from blacks, who are labeled as criminals. The justice system has led to mass incarceration of blacks in the U.S. when compared to other racial groups. Hence, the U.S. correctional system appears to supports the social inequality that has existed for a long in the American society due to the establishment of a racial caste system and merely redesigning racial discrimination in the contemporary society.
Racism has led to the mass incarceration of African Americans in the U.S. The criminal justice system was redefined to prosecute black men indiscriminately

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