Mass School Shootings: A Case Study

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Insanity may be defined as repeating the same action and expecting different results, but true madness lies in the synapse of repetition; the catalyst carrying out a tired cause. No cause, bluntly, is as tired as that of the school shooting: a headline per month on the latest tragedy has become a common occurrence in contemporary media. America, as a collective, mourns for an immediate period, cursing the malicious gun-wielder, until the story vanishes from the limelight, waiting to repeat itself again. One of the most prominent types of shootings are those on college campuses. In 2015 alone, there have been twenty-three shootings on college campuses (Sanburn 2015). Time after time again, Americans face the same calamities, without sight of …show more content…

The fear within the uncertainty of gun control is understandable, but the application is not, in any way, logical. According to ProCon, which evaluated statistics from Everytown for Gun Safety, since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, there have been 122 school shootings, resulting in only 34 deaths (2015). While these shootings and deaths are tragic, on a national radar, they are small numbers. In fact, out of the past 122 school shootings, only 11 were mass shootings (ProCon 2015). Mass shootings, or shootings where more than three people are injured or killed, are the most publicized, but small statistic, falling behind accidental shootings; showing that a gun related accident is more likely than a school shooting. As stated by the U.S. Department of Education, “the odds that a child would die in school–by homicide or suicide–are, fortunately, no greater than 1 in 1 million” (Bloom 2012). The fear of sitting in a classroom and being interrupted by a gunman has been heavily publicized by the media, as opposed to the actual reality, which shows that these chances are extremely slim. Ironically, According to Dave …show more content…

A select few may have tampered the media’s reputation of firearms on campus, but in reality, the real fear lies in what goes unsaid; accidents, assaults, and aggravations. Turning a blind eye to the real dangers that lie within the seeming "resolution" to a problem only exemplifies the issue itself. Public safety does not have to conflict with constitutional freedom and liberty (Follman 2012), which coincides so strongly with the American way. Instead of regulating a contemporary society based on outdated rules, modern methods of protection must be implemented. If guns are completely permitted on college campuses, the purpose and focus of education will be completely stripped to a different focal point; that of weaponry. As a nation, there should be more fear in what does happen than what could happen, without the extremities; for there has come a time where the mourning must end. Guns have no place within any educational institution in America; for the peace of mind is not worth the loss of

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