Master Harold And The Boys Character Analysis

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In Master Harold and the Boys, Hally’s crippled father never appears on stage, instead, the closest thing to him talking is through the telephone conversations. However, Hally’s father still has a huge impact on the play as his roles in the play include creating tension through the phone conversations and his relationship with his son also brings about the bond between Hally and the servants. In addition, he symbolizes the conflict of apartheid in South Africa back then.

One of Hally’s father’s role in the play is acting as a dramatic device. His telephone conversations with Hally alters the mood and creates tension in the play. Before the telephone conversation regarding his dad, the mood of nostalgia was in the air as Hally and Sam recalled the kite-flying memory. However, after Hally has a frustrating phone call regarding his father, the mood immediately changes with Hally saying, “(seething with irritation and frustration) Tell me something I don’t know, Sam. What the hell do you think I was saying to my Mom?” (P.34) This quote is where Hally takes out his anger and irritation by snapping at Sam, and in doing so, creating tension between the characters. This comparison shows how Hally’s dad can alter moods. In addition, the phone
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Yet his role in Master Harold and the Boys is of extreme importance as Fugard utilises this character as a dramatic device to lead to the climax. Hally’s dad also conveys the rare bond developed between Hally and the servants and the theme of Racism and Inequality through symbolism. This character is the core of this play by serving as a device to let events unfold and also, he brings focus on characterization as well as being a symbol. Therefore, without this character, this play would not be complete and the readers would not have learnt the valuable lessons accompanying
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