Math and McDonald's

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My heart raced within my chest. As I glanced around, I noticed grins and high fives decorating my classmates. My brow furrowed and I couldn’t stop tapping my fingers. Throughout this year I had barely managed a 75% average that I needed to get into university. I couldn’t have Math bring it down farther. Then, I heard, “Sophia.” These three syllables seemed to echo throughout the room, bouncing off of the walls. My feet felt glued to the floor. I forced myself to trudge up to Mrs. Johnson. I tried to read her expression, but her blank face revealed nothing about my mark. My eyes focused on the overall average, printed in bold ink at the top of her page. Sixty percent! I thought I had managed pretty well, enough to grab a seventy five percent at least. The competitive 75% average for university would not be satisfied with a sixty-five percent in Math. I’d already been cutting it close, last semester my Chemistry average brought my average down from a seventy eight percent to a seventy five point three. I wasn’t sure what I could do now; I had come in for extra help with Mrs. Johnson numerous times. The problem was, that she kept re-explaining the concepts the exact same way. If I didn’t get it the fifth time you repeated it then I sure would not understand, when you repeated it the fifteenth time. It had gotten to the point that I l had lied, and told her I finally got it, but I really just couldn’t endure the emotionless drone of her voice anymore. “Now if you are not

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