Matters Of Integrity : The Ethics Behind Attorneys Essay

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Matters of Integrity: The Ethics behind Attorneys Valeria Ramos and Sabrina Reed Texas A&M International University Abstract As an attorney it is his or her job to make sure the client is at ease and their privacy is being protected. The legal profession has many components in order to be a successful attorney. As attorneys there are ethical dilemmas that correspond with being an attorney. These dilemmas include conflicts of interest, staff-management, attorney-client advocacy, and professional responsibility. The main ethical issue with attorneys is the Matter of Integrity. These attorneys are trusted with personal information, and as the attorney it is his or her job to maintain that trust. When a client comes in and asks for help, the utmost privacy should be given. The choices that these attorneys make should be solely based on what is best for the client and their integrity is not diminished in any way. Utilitarianism is the best philosophical approach to combat the ethical dilemmas those in the legal profession would face. The idea of “the greater good mentality” is in the legal profession, there comes many choices to be made in regards to the client. Ethical Dilemma: Matter of Integrity Attorneys are the people we go to when we need a legal problem solved. Whether you are the victim or the accused there is an attorney that will take the case. In the legal profession there are many obstacles one may face, from not having enough

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