Max Weber And Karl Marx

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Social thought is the process of how we see the current social system and its functions and structures within. Described as “an idea, a concept or a set of concepts about social problems and its possible solutions in a social situation” (Farooq, 2014). Associated with social questions and their relative answers which are thoroughly answered by academics such as sociologists and philosophers. Despite a vast amount of sociologists contributing to our development of social thought over time, I’m particularly interested in the work of Max Weber and Karl Marx. Both theorist’s theories co-inside and take on an interesting partial Marxist perspective on society and social thought. Weber, a German sociologist, philosopher and political economist born in 1864 is one of the best philosophers to explain the theory of the economic system of capitalism. He had a wide range of work stretching over many areas such as “music, religion, love, law, the economy, politics” (Macionis and Plummer, 2005). His theories complement Marx’s previous work. Karl Marx was a revolutionary communist born in Germany before Weber’s time in 1818. A very modern thinker who’s “work has had a huge impact upon intellectual life, political activity and society” (Macionis and Plummer, 2005). Writing influential academic texts being the ‘communist manifesto’ and ‘capital’ has had historical impacts on how we interpret society today and contributes to our understanding of class struggles and the theory of capitalism.

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