Max's Voice Monologue

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"May!" It's Max's voice " Are you alright?" He hugged me so tightly that I can smell his rose perfume. Max and I have been very close since we were young, both of us loved music more than anyone in our family. We always performed together until he got a scholarship for the music academy in Austria.
‘May, how are you feeling this morning? Where's your notebook?' Alex asked
" It's fine, I feel a lot better and my voice is coming back' I answered him
‘Okay, just be careful not to drink anything cold or eat anything spicy and no seafood for you for a while' Alex said in his professional doctor voice "Everyone got that? I have to go to a meeting now so make sure you guys take care of May and if anything happens to call me right away got it?"
‘Yeah, got it dad." said Max …show more content…

Water dripping from the taps, I was standing in the rain alone crying but no one realised that I was there, people kept walking past me it was in the city there were lots of people around me but I was lonely, I was by myself.
I was deep in my thought, relying upon all my feelings through music. When I finished, I hear sobbing around me? What's going on?
‘May you don't trust us do you?' Sebastian asked his voice was angry ‘ Why don't you tell us the truth, why don't you trust us enough to show us the real you? Why don't you share your pain with us? Why do you box up your feelings and hurt yourself more? All we wanted was to protect you and help you, why don't you let us.' His voice got softer and softer and ended up into a sobbing voice.
‘I didn't want to worry everyone' I said in a soft voice ‘ everyone in this family are so successful and busy, I didn't want anyone to fall back because of me.'
‘Is that why you are lonely because you thought that you can't rely on us?' Sarah said in a doubting tone " are you stupid my little sis? to worry about her little sister all the time is a big sister's job and I want to worry for you because I and your

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