Maya Angelou Graduation And Audre Lorde Analysis

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In the mid-1900's, Discrimination had overruled minorities. In Maya Angelou's “Graduation” and Audre Lorde “Fourth of July”, these authors are faced with challenges that fit them for reality. However, they are challenged differently for they had different ethnicities. Angelou is a southern black girl while Audre Lorde is the daughter of two Caribbean immigrants. Despite this difference, they had a few similarities. One is that they were both eighth graders while experiencing discrimination first hand and second they become furious due to being discriminated. Angelou wanted to graduate peacefully and Lorde wanted a happy vacation to Washington DC with her family, but sadly that could not occur because they were minorities.

Different ethnicity is seen through Maya Angelou and Audre Lorde, despite the similarities. Angelou is a black girl from the South while Lorde is a Caribbean immigrant. Although both face difficulties their lifestyle is completing different based on their ethnicities. Angelou is segregated to have the same privileges as whites. Maya states that “unlike the whites high school, Lafayette county training school distinguished itself by having neither lawn, nor hedges, nor tennis court, nor climbing ivy”(75). Angelou ethnicity does not allow her to have the same rights as whites. However, Lorde is a Caribbean immigrant yet she is considered colored. Her ethnicity is famously known for their dishes. She eats a lot on her way to Washington DC. Her “mother had

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