Maya Angelou When You Get Give

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In China there’s an old saying from the elderlies that “I have had more salt than the rice you’ve had so far in your life.” People who’s spent more time exploring the world often know more than the young ones do. Even for the famous people, they all had to learn from their parents or mentors. Oprah Winfrey is a famous American talk show host, media proprietor, actress, producer, philanthropist--a woman of great talent and intelligence. And then there was Oprah’s mentor, Maya Angelou, who was an American author, poet, and civil rights activist. Dr. Angelou was famous throughout the years because of her amazing books, poetries, and TV shows. Dr. Angelou passed away in 2014, but she left her knowledge and ideas for the world forever. Oprah Winfrey expressed after Dr. Angelou’s death that, “‘When you learn, teach. When you get, give’ is one of my best lessons from her.” …show more content…

Angelou was sexually abused while she lived with her mother’s family before she was 7 years old, then she was sent to live with her paternal grandparents for years. Angelou stopped talking to people for six years after the sexual abuse. People gave her all kinds of bad names while she grew up, only her grandmother showed her the bright side of the world. Angelou’s grandmother encouraged her to become a teacher and teach people all over the world once herself and the lord is ready for it. Grandmother’s encouragement turned out to be true, Maya Angelou eventually became a great writer and taught people what she learned from her grandmother all over the

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