Mayella's Power In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To kill a mockingbird Mayella Ewell is powerful because she's a white woman thats lives in a southern community in the 1930s. Mayella tried to accuse Tom Robinson of raping her they went to trial Mayella won the trial because she's a woman that had more rights than Tom Robinson because Tom was an african american. Mayella won the trail because she had the right to win over an african american.

Mayella has power over race because in the trial she said that Tom took advantage of her but Tom said that Mayella asked him to help her with some chores and in the jury they really did not care what Tom said because he’s african american the jury believed Mayella Ewell. Mayella already felt confident that she was going to win because she had never seen any jury decide in …show more content…

Still Mayella is strong to be able to handle that stuff so far because not many people are able to handle that. She's a woman so she could not easily protect herself especially to her father but she did have power over the court.

Mayella does not have much power in class either she is very poor she lives behind a dump but she tries to keep clean, she's not used to people calling her ma’am because not many people gave her the respect she earns as a woman. Mayella was very lonely other white people did not want to have anything to do with her except Tom Robinson was probably the only person who was decent. Mayella had six jars holding brilliant red geraniums that reminded people of how she tries to stay clean.

For Mayella it's hard to be powerful because she's a woman that has been abused many times even though she’s been through all that she has many rights and was able to win the trial that says a lot about her, she is very strong and she was able to handle people telling her for her to go back to her

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