Mayor Of Casterbridge By Michael Farfrae Analysis

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The Resentment and Downfall of an Antihero In the mid-1800s, Michael Henchard and his wife Susan, who carried their daughter Elizabeth-Jane, were walking down a path seeking a place to lodge for the evening. Stopping at a county fair tent, the family decided to eat furmity, Michael Henchard (who possessed a quick-temper and a drinking problem at the time) decided to slide the cook extra money to spike his meal. After this point, the situation rapidly got out of hand and Michael Henchard sold his wife and child to a sailor for five guineas. This was the shocking first scene in Thomas Hardy’s novel, Mayor of Casterbridge, published in 1886. To proceed with the story and jump ahead almost two decades, Susan and Elizabeth-Jane sought out Henchard (since the sailor was lost at sea and believed to never return) in the town of Casterbridge, where they discovered that he was Mayor. From this point on, the husband and wife reconciled their differences, married again, and started new beginnings together. However, things took a turn for the worse ever since the two women materialized back into Henchard’s life. Throughout the novel, Donald Farfrae, a man Michael requested assistance from, availed in every aspect over Mr. Henchard, causing a expeditious downfall to the latter. Their differences included love, success, popularity, fortune, and authority. However, Farfrae was not the cause of Michael’s misfortune, in fact Donald was noble in all of his affairs. Michael Henchard was

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