McCarthy and Modern Republicanism, An Outline Essay

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Then of Dec of 1954 for Senate voted around 67 to 22 to help now censure McCarthy for his behavior as he died alcoholic disease 3 years after Modern Republicanism
• This was mastered through Dwight D. Eisenhower that pushed for this “Modern Republicanism” that was of GOP idea to moderate the New Deal They Liked Ike
• Republicans were not the majority and then were only around ⅓ for the registered voters
• It was of Robert A. Taft for Ohio that had led the Republicans through the Senate since 1939 but moderate time was coming with Eisenhower
• Eisenhower was a popular choice due to his time during D-Day within Europe that Sen Richard M. Nixon of CA as the VP not for Communism
• Truman was not renominated within 1952 and had many …show more content…

Lawrence Seaway for linking the Great Lakes with Atlantic Ocean through program of U.S. and Canada
• Soviet Union then had the Sputnik within 1957 of the first satellite that caused for the U.S. to step up
• Eisenhower then had the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA a year after that was of the U.S. making up ground in science
• Eisenhower then reduced natural resources of turning over offshore oil to states or developers to have private hydroelectric dams within Snake river
• It was of the Eisenhower Republicans then were able to be apart of the liberal consensus within the U.S. politics Eisenhower and the Cold War
• It was of Sen. McCarthy that had his famous speech of 57 spies within the State Department
• One of the main targets was of Dr. Frank P. Graham of the president of the University of North C that targeted through the Communist attack
• It was of Eisenhower and his sec of state of John Foster Dulles that was a lawyer that was ill through his temperament for craft of diplomacy
• Dulles then sought to get rid of “aesthetic Communism” and sought for “liberation” of eastern europe
• Stalin died within March of 1953 that caused for stress for Soviets until 1956 of Nikita S. Khrushchev that led their country
• Khrushchev then sought to have “peaceful coexistence” with the westerns

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