Mean Girls - the Hero's Journey

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Explore through any film of your choice using either Vogler's, Voytilla's or Cochrane's model, the concept of the Hero Journey as discussed by Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero of A Thousand Faces. In a world whereby diverse cultures and religions collide amongst the disparate and polarized people of our planet, there are few pervading threads that adhere the seams of human life and experience as vividly and profoundly as mythology. Emerging from the first primordial peoples of the earth, from the Occident to the Orient, mythology appears to be an almost innate and inbuilt feature of the human psyche; as religion fuels the contention of superhuman gods who perhaps once sowed the seeds of life, mythology yields the direction and…show more content…
This character development, divided into separate steps by Campbell and subsequently condensed further by Vogler, excavates the human psyche to reveal the very real psychological veracity that mythology nurtures. Cady will traverse the path of enlightenment, facing foes and obstacles, forming alliances and allegiances, seeking truth amongst the chaos and terrors of girl world. Uprooting Cady from Africa, her parents instigate the transformation she will experience in her journey of integration within American society. In spite of the fact that Cady’s adventure has already begun, the film opens with a scene presenting her in a particularly ordinary situation; preparing Cady for her first ever day at school, her parents represent the last connection to her known world. Vogler observes how essential it is for the audience to meet the protagonist in their customary environment; presenting Cady in normalcy allows the audience to identify with her, whereby the monotonous hardships of daily life contrast against the marvels of the ensuing Special World (Vogler, 1992). The events in the ‘Ordinary World’ therefore act as catalysts to the hero’s impending adventure, whereby the pollutions of daily existence enacts one to feel despairingly set for change. Cady arrives at Northbury High School, which is emblematic of lands unchartered; the sea unknown that
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