Media And Bullying

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The Use of Social Media and Bullying: A Growing Problem

Nowadays the Internet and social media has become a good part of our everyday lives. Decades ago having more than PC at home was pretty much uncommon and WIFI was definitely unheard of. The Internet and, especially social media, is a good way for to connect to our friends, classmates, and people that share ours similar interests. Social media is most commonly used by adolescents and young adults. With the internet and social media used inside and outside our homes more than ever, a real life problem lie bullying can spread easier than before. This lead to an ongoing continuous growing problem the everyday use of social media sites leading to the growth of bullying and how it effects youth, adults, and our overall well being.

Bullying has been an old reoccurring problem long before before the growing use of the Internet and the popularity of social media. We so often see in the news the tragic o incidents involving bullying the leads to suicide of the bullied victim , the victim hurting, harming and killing innocent people. We would think by now that we would have a better support system for the victims of extreme bullying, but unfortunately if you add

social media in the mix the problem of bullying will and still is growing beyond the school yards and work place. The use of the Internet and social media for the sole purpose of bullying is called cyber bullying. As stated before, we use the Internet and

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