Media Influence On Culture

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The media has a large influence on culture and our beliefs. Many people are influenced and affected by what the media says about their own culture or other cultures. The media can make some cultures seem better than they are and make some cultures seem worse than they are. For example, the police are given a bad reputation for shooting and killing people for no reason. This is manipulation of the media because they do not give people all of the details on why the police shot them. What actually happens is that the police are forced to shoot people because they are carrying weapons and refuse to put them down or even use them against police. Also, most news channels are sided with a certain political party. These news channels will try to hurt the reputations of opposing politicians, while trying to boost the reputations of the politicians in their party. A way I have seen this is that my grandfather, who is a democrat, watches one news channel, and my grandmother, who is a republican, refuses to watch that channel and will only watch a different one, saying that channel is just a bunch of stupid democrats. A third way people are influenced by the media is through celebrities. For example, if a celebrity says something controversial, their fans will sometimes agree with them and also believe what they said to be true. Although sometimes they have no idea what they are talking about and are just trying to sound intelligent but end up being a bad influence.

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