Media Should Be Restricted

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Should the Government restrict the media?
Violent movies, video games, and music have been blamed for having a negative effect on children and teenagers. However, people say to limit their distribution would amount to censorship. Should violence in the media be restricted by the government? Here’s why I think the government should restrict the media; to protect young children because children don't know what is real or make-believe. Their minds are manipulated because they think zombies are real and start panicking and freaking out. The truth is they are afraid to talk about it because of how media affects their minds. Media gives children low self-esteem and obesity, instead of playing outside children are watching tv or playing video games. I also think I can give you reasons why the government should restrict the violence in the media.
Violence in the media has turned into a capable device, which generously impacts the popular supposition. The effect of media has a noteworthy and perilous impact among the group of onlookers, especially on youth. In such cases, media has the ability to impact the development of the person's character, moral esteems and convictions. Truth be told, media influences the whole society since today it is all over. However, government should only intervene in certain areas as a means of security purposes. As of now, modern media can be a sort of correspondence regularly utilized by many individuals, hence overlooking the dangers this may include.

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