Medical Indicator, Patient References, Quality Of Life, Contextual Features

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There is a heartbreaking decision that needs to be made regarding the life of T. B. The family nor the health care providers could agree on what will be in the best interest of the patient, so this situation has come to us on what should be done. We must come to an agreement today on what is in the best interests of T.B. I have reviewed all the evidence which includes evaluating the medical indicator, patient references, quality of life, contextual features. All of this will help me decide on what I agree to be the best plan. There are several things that need to be considered regarding medical indicator to help guide me in my decision. First, the patient is a 91-year-old female that is on a ventilator due to the lack of oxygen during …show more content…

They got her a stable heart rhythm, so she never had a chance to consent to anything. The patient is currently in a state incapacity. There is not preference found or submitted to the hospital stating the patient treatment preferences. The appropriate surrogate to make decisions for the patient is her three adult children. The patient’s kids have the right to make the decision because she doesn’t have a living will or appointed anyone to make medical decision for her. I understand each state has guidelines to follow in a situation like this on who to consult in a situation like this. Some states may follow the same hierarchy plans as Washington State which are included in this order legal guardian, individual with power of attorney for health care decisions, spouse, adult children (all in agreement), parents of patient, and adult sibling (all in agreement). The patient cannot state whether she is unwilling or unable to cooperate with treatment (Clarence H. Braddock III, MD, MPH, 1998). The third factor that need to be considered is the quality of life. This is one of the toughest things to think about. In the case of T.B. with or without the treatment she will not return to a normal life. The patient will not have the full functioning of her brain. A person can judge that quality of life would be undesirable if the person knows the way the patient feels about any medical condition. Also, a physician can understand because he

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