Medieval Europe : Technology And Quality Of Life Aspects

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The statement that Medieval Europe was technologically backward is a very bold statement to make. Saying that an entire era progressed backward seems a little hard to believe. Many technologies that we still use today were created from 500-1400. I believe that Medieval Europe made significant improvement in military technology and quality of life aspects that shaped how we live today. Farming practices changed significantly during this time period as well. The medieval times in Europe were filled with advances that made huge changes and shaped history forever. Medieval Europe did not progress backwards. This era could be considered a foundation of modern day living. During this time countless inventions were created that we still use today in an updated form of that invention. This speaks volume for the design and the creativeness of these inventions and there affect on history. Wars could have been fought differently, how we live our normal lives could also be dramatically different. Basic farming techniques and many important tools were created during this time. It can be easy to say now that the Medieval times progressed backwards because of how quickly we progressed in the last two hundred years. We have changed so much just since the formation of the United States. However, without the inventions during the Medieval times would we of been able to progress as quickly as we did?. There are many inventions that helped shape the rest of history and some have been used on

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