Meeting Patient's Cultural Needs

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Caring Role of the Nurse Topic : Meeting Patient’s cultural needs. Cohort : March 2005 Date of submission : 14th November 2006-07-30 Seminar Group: 3 Number of words: 1600 words Chose TWO patients from different cultural backgrounds and discuss how you were able to meet their needs. The purposes of this essay is to chose two patients from different cultural backgrounds and discuss how their needs were meet whilst on my placement at Chase Farm Hospital. I will highlight how I used good communication and interpersonal skill to meet the patient’s needs. The first was a woman of Somalia origin who was admitted for chest pain and shortness of breath. The other, was a woman with Jewish beliefs, who was admitted with …show more content…

To make both patients feel at ease, I went over to both of them one at a time, with a pleasant smile and asked Mary first if I can get her anything to eat or drink, I lower my tone of voice, I asked if she will prefer the tea with milk and sugar or without. For Muyinat because she does not speak English, I went to the kitchen and got a coffee jar and a box of tea bag, showed both to her, she then pointed to the one she wanted. I also realised self-awareness when directly involved in interpersonal relationship, this helps me to remain in touch with what I am doing, I am always cautious about my accent, pronouncing each words clearly, been from Nigeria myself. The interpersonal skill demonstrated allows me to interact with the patients, family, and with fellow health care professionals in the ward, it also reduces misunderstanding and allows the patients to feel more welcome and allows them to have a pleasant stay in hospital. After the initial assessment it was apparent that both patients would require certain needs while being cared for on the ward. This is because of their cultural and religious beliefs. The Department of Health Benchmark for Promoting Health (2005) specify that individual needs which include ethnicity, religion, belief, culture, language, age, gender, physical, sensory, sexual, development and mental needs must be

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