Mega Church Analysis

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Witnessing the president of these United States, sing the spiritual hymn Amazing Grace at Mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston, SC, during the eulogy of falling spiritual warrior Rev. Clementa Pinckney in June, must have been not only surprising but also an overwhelming emotional moment for many. It seemed to stir a feeling of connectivity to the people of Charleston, the families of the victims and humanity. One can surmise many around the world watching the home going ceremony identified with the words, reason and necessity for that song at such a contentious, but celebratory moment. How ironic to sing a song, penned by a former white slaveholder turned abolitionist. The most powerful man in the world addressing systemic oppression and institutionalized discrimination during the eulogy opens a broader discussion regarding his presidential legacy. However, on the day he spoke and sang. The world witnessed his humanity, African-American heritage, and …show more content…

Yet; now, some argue the institution, whether without walls, storefront, or mega church, has become ambiguous in its purpose. Various people question the relevancy of the church and its current contributions to a contemporary community where poverty remains high, homelessness continues to grow, ignorance persists, and educational pursuits are problematic. Some even suggest ill-moral behavior is rampant. While others, even suggest the church only serves as a tool to put money in a few manipulative peoples' pockets. Subsequently, some posit why a church pastor needs to fly in multimillion-dollar private jets, when people are hungry, homeless, lack employment, and require educational help in local communities. Similarly, some suggest becoming a church leader is now a career path, a job title, an occupation that one seeks, instead of an anointing or call to

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