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Mehar Hashmi British Literature: Romanticism to Present Professor Duncan Hasell May 4, 2017 Great Expectations of Being Earnest In a class-based society, where your class will determine the rest of your life and who you will marry, what is better to improve in social class, hence improving all aspects of your life but at the price of sacrificing your moral code and ethics towards the people that are there for you and love you or to be honest, gentle, loyal, and respectfully to everyone around you even if you don’t get the thing you cherish and hold dearly? That’s the theme of the novel, Great Expectation by Charles Dickens, mocking the class-system that British empire utilized during the Victorian Era that he lived in. Stating that…show more content…
Even when was pursuing to become a “gentlemen” he showed this excellent quality of kindness, in the case as he used his own birthday allowance to help Hebert get a job. However, Pip does change do he him falling in love with Estella. This is due to the fact, that both of them aren’t in the same social class and stature. So, Pip starts having “Great Expectations” for himself in the sense he wants to become a part of higher society so he can win Estella and end up with her in. Due to this, he becomes more resentful the life he has and in a sense, betrays the people that truly care for him in his pursuit of trying to become a gentleman. The first sign of this is seen when he was going to get the fortune to move to London. He started acting snobbish and got the mentality that he is good for the place is currently in and too good for those around him. This got further worse in the novel, where to the point where he starts seeing those he loved as lower and embarrassed by them being around him. For example, when Joe came over to check on him he felt that way to the person that is his father figure and idol. In the pursuit of the high life, he was becoming lower than the people he got embarrassed by. He when he goes back to visit Joe and his country friends he has that feeling of embarrassment as if he was better person since he

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