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Memories of My Life I was raised in Oaxaca Mexico, in a little town of no more than 2,000 people. My little town was an isolated and calm place where each day was an adventure with many new things and places to discover. My mornings were almost always cold with cold wind blowing that made me shiver each time I would step outside. Also, there were not many toys to play with but my friends and I had something better than toys, that was our imagination. The resources that nature gave us such as rocks, sticks, flowers and dirt and our imagination were more than enough to have fun. Our parents let us play outside but warn us about the many dangers we could face such as all kinds of snakes, and scorpions. Poverty have been always a huge issue, almost all families struggle with food and other resources necessary to live, it was something to worry about every single day including my family. Unfortunately in my town, there has been always a lack of water resulting in poor harvest for all people. But my dad never gave up, instead he would trade off his crops to harvest new ones that would not require much water. My parents besides harvesting their own crops they also worked in agriculture receiving very low pay, there were moments in which they both get desperate thinking about possible solutions to their problems but there were any. At that time, I was only 11 years old and realized that life was not easy. Living in a small town would make it even harder for me if I wanted to

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