Mending Wall Negative Barriers

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Sadly, we often choose to conform to what people and society tells us we should be (Maggie & Barrie Gunter n.p.)” Mending wall is a good example of the statement above. It shows that we all at times compelled to do what the society expects from us no matter what we feel about it. In some situations, having some strong foundation of self-love can prevent us from being victims of societal expectations of us thus decreasing the high levels of hypocrisy in the society. Living in the world today there are so many people who aim to break our self-esteem and bring us down (Maggie & Barrie Gunter n.p.). The best weapon to combat this type negative criticism is to have an abundance of self-love. As longs we have this we are always going get up time after time whenever we are brought down. Having a lot of self-love and self-esteem is not a guarantee that we won’t be brought downtime to time but as a way to always bring us up after everytime we fall. These two pieces have a link between them that are very different yet so similar. They both talk of relationships both at the individual level and at the society level. They both show effects of low self-love and how people are a bend do the will of others. According to the song pretty hurts the persona narrates on how she goes to great pains and distress trying to be pretty for others and so that they can see her as pretty and like her yet after all the pains she has to go and face self-criticism. What is the point of trying to earn

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