Meno Says Courage, Temperance, and Wisdom are Virtues

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Meno’s definition that appeals most to me is when Meno says that courage, temperance, and wisdom are virtues because first of all it takes courage sometimes to deal with different situations and ordeals that I am faced with on a daily basis. Courage to me is also standing for what is right whether I’m standing alone for the cause and being mistreated or ostracized due to the difference of opinion. For example your classmates came in contact with a copy of your class final exam and passed it out to all the class, but you take a stand and inform the instructor of the situation and the instructor tells the class. This will mean that you will be frowned upon by your classmates; this is where courage to do what is right come into play. It is because of courage that I am able to take a stand daily in doing what is right. Courage allows me to take a stand on my job when my co workers are cutting corners to do a job and not following guidelines, it allows me to take a stand for what is morally and ethically right regardless of the outcome. This is showing high moral standards in the face of adversities which are parts of the definition of virtue. Meno also includes temperance as part of his definition for virtue which is action of self control. It takes temperance which is self control when you are dealing with certain situations we must be able to conduct ourselves in an orderly manner. Temperance allows me to have balance, and good judgments which will allows me to have a

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