Mental Depression And Mental Illness

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The number of inmates in the department of corrections that have a mental illness is steadily rising. In 2006 there was estimated to be 705,600 mentally ill inmates in state prisons, 78,000 in federal prisons and 47,900 in local jails (NIC). Most inmates suffer from social anxiety disorders or depression. There are three times more people in prisons with mental health problems than in actual hospitals (News). However, this is a problem for various reasons, two being that prisons cannot afford the proper medications and treatment as well as that prisons are not well enough equipped to handle these issues. Convicts often times blame their crime on their mental instability. With pharmaceuticals being as expensive as they are, offenders often…show more content…
Maybe being in with other inmates could help them cope or get better. The facility could hold multiple different types of units or “cell blocks” to have different ways to treat inmates. There could be areas called safe cells, where they place inmates who are seeming to be suicidal. Currently, once an inmate is deemed suicidal, they must stay in a safe cell for 24 hours and then undergo a psychological evaluation, to ensure their safety. This new facility could be where inmates from other areas of the prison go when they are thought to be suicidal, rather than just moving to safe cell within the same cell block. Also, if it is a separate facility it could be treated more like a hospital. This way the prison could hire people who are better able to work with and handle people with problems such as these inmates. People may also be more likely to apply to an institution that is not connected to the rest of the prison or jail. This new facility would need to be drawn up and have all the proper necessities put in place, such as loading areas for the transfer of inmates and evacuation routes. After that the official plan will need the approval from the warden and the city, the two may come back with some comments or concerns that they would like to see addressed, once those are taken care of the proposal would be brought back, if approved the building would commence. Even though this is not the most cost effective solution, it is one that provides
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