Mental Disorders And Illness Of Dr. John Nash

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Mental disorders and illness, are often portrayed by actors in both film or television. Depending on the nature of the show, the importance of the illness to the story, and the individual research conducted by the authors; the portrayal may either be accurate or far from it. The importance of accurate portrayal of mental disease in media, is that it is through these mediums that many of the populous receive information (perhaps for the first time) about many disorders that affect others. The concept of self-stigma and societal prejudice can greatly impact the rates at which people who are ill, actually seek treatment for their suffering. By having the media create character roles that do an accurate depiction of what the mental disorder is, they are not only providing good entertainment, but also educating people who view these programs. Continuing on, the movie that I reviewed was titled. "A Beautiful Mind", which was an autobiographical drama which tracked the real life struggles of Dr. John Nash, a famous mathematician. He is responsible for much of the research that was done on Game Theory, Decision Making Process, as well as other economic theories. The film begins with his early collegiate life at Princeton, where he was received with mix feelings by his peers as he was awarded scholarship but did not come from money. Nash had much difficulty making friends or becoming close with others as his personal skills severely lacked. The movie follows him as he then be

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