Mental Effects Of War

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Have you ever wondered how much of a role that war can play in the life of an individual or the lives of many? War is most commonly a feud between two sides that results in the deaths of many and impacts everything encompassing the war. It has major impacts on not just the people who serve, but also to the lives of those who are connected in some way with the feud. Veterans have also suffered after war from various mental causes that have affected how they live and their peers around them. War can affect our everyday lives in many different ways. War has always had harmful effects on the human body and veterans suffer everyday from them. One of the most common kind of effects is an injury involving the brain and how it is changed. The most common kind of injury is known as T.B.I. According to (Kate Wenner) “Traumatic Brain Injuries can change the brain at the molecular level and create memory loss.” T.B.I. is most commonly …show more content…

War has caused many veterans to suffer from a condition known as PTSD. PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition where a veteran or soldier suffers from stress and anxiety on a regular basis that affects their everyday decisions. According to (Gabriela Acosta), “depression, post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD), anxiety, traumatic brain injury and other conditions as a result of their service, and these issues affect not only the service member, but also their spouses, children, extended families and friends.” There are many veterans whose mental health has changed the way they live and the way their peers around them live. This creates a more difficult environment for many of the closer peers and can affect their lives as much as it has affected the veteran’s life. This has long term effects that can lead to depression in the veterans and feelings of loneliness caused from a veterans experiences serving and being in the field of

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