Mental Health Is The Overall Psychological And The Emotional Well Being Of Any Individual

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Mental health is the overall psychological and the emotional well-being of any individual. A person who is mentally healthy is someone that can adjust to the emotional and behavioral requirements of stress and conflicts that are associated in daily living. According to Elizabeth Ahmann there is over “400,000 children are in foster care in the United States, and more than 100,000 of them are waiting to be adopted” (Ahmann p. 1). Foster home placement is associated with stress and disruptions in attachment relationships. These losses undermine a child’s attempt to form a secure attachment with a primary caregiver. John Bowlby formed the Attachment Theory. It is a process made up of interactions between a child and his or her primary …show more content…

Instead, this respect was not given, therefore, resulting in feelings of inferiority and worthlessness” (Braxton & Krajewski-Jaime p. 51). It is painful that someone knows little to nothing about these poor kids and that they deserve the same consideration and respect just like adults.
Children in foster care are at a risk for falling behind in development. They are beginning to enter the system at an early age which is when brain growth and development is most active. It has been recognized that “at age three the brain structures that govern personality traits, learning processes, and coping with stress and emotions are established, strengthened, and made permanent, and that brain formation during these critical years are influenced by environmental conditions” (Braxton & Krajewski-Jaime p. 47). Every child develops at his or her own rate, but growth stages are largely tied to age. Normally around the age of three a child is expanding their vocabulary, using hundreds of words. However, it is possible for developmental delay. This is when the child’s growth occurs slowly, or stops at a level of development and does not move forward. It can be caused from any stress or trauma in their life. Charles A.Williams from Drexel University report that “the most common reasons for child placement are parental neglect (67%), physical abuse (16%), sexual abuse (9%), and psychological abuse (7%), with much of this taking place in early childhood” (Williams p.

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