Mental Health Issues and Illness

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Mental health problems represent an increasing part of the worldwide disease burden (Reijneveld, 2005). There is a stigma attached to children, race/culture, as well as gender differences. It is important that we as the public become properly informed on the effects that these stigmas can have on the mental health of these populations. A study by Pescosolido (2007), suggests that the stigma attached to child and adolescent mental health problems is complex; the public associates mental illness, specifically depression with a possibility of engaging in violent behavior. The ramifications of this type of stigma can continue into adulthood making the desire to seek help less likely. Fear and lack of information are also contributing factors to this cycle. Efforts in educating the public will take time, however, will bring awareness to improving these circumstances.

I would like to next focus the attention to the stigma attached to mental illness in different cultures. This is not only a challenge in the U. S., but a worldwide cultural challenge. Despite the importance of stigma there have been few national studies conducted on the attitudes toward mental illness. Like many western countries, there are associated stigmas in Asia to people with mental illness. The…

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