Mental Illness Executive Summary

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The Correctional Health Care/Mental Health Services program is located in the in the 550-bed John Montford Psychiatric Hospital in Lubbock, Texas. It was “established to provide full range of inpatient, psychiatric services to offenders with mental illness in the state correctional system. Inmates throughout the state of Texas are referred to this program to receive “individualized treatment in a safe environment” (Hills, Siegfried, and Ickowitz, 2004, p. 86). The goal of this program is to provide institutional safety, provide assistance with changing an offender’s behavior, and lastly to reintegrate them back into society. What is mental illness? It is a term that is used by professionals to diagnose an individual with a mental condition ranging from minor to severe. Having a mental illness delays a person ability to function properly. In some cases when an individual has a mental illness and commits a crime it could possibly clear them from criminal responsibility, but this is a rare occasion. It is important to note, “even a seriously disordered individual has some decision-making ability” (Bartol and Bartol, 2014, p. 212). Another vital factor to take into consideration is although “mental illness is still used in the psychological, psychiatric, and legal literature, as well as in both …show more content…

Offenders receive a full psychiatric evaluation, psychological evaluation, and physical evaluation if necessary. The main goal of this assessment is to try and eliminate any crises and to decide what is the best approach for each individual. When inmates are finally admitted into the program they are now sent to acute care. They stay anywhere from 10-14 days for treatment to decide on a specific treatment plan created just for them. As offenders become more stable they are provided with additional

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