Mental Illnesses Are Common Throughout The United States Essay

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Mental Illnesses Portrayed i¬n the Media Although there’s a stigma associated with mental illness, there are people stepping forward and being honest about their mental health experiences. How come mental health stigma exists? This question should be important to society because mental illnesses are common throughout the United States, affecting tens of millions of people each year. This question’s important to me because I’m a crisis counselor for two organizations and I’m going to receive a master’s degree in counseling. After obtaining a master’s degree, I hope to continue my education to become a psychiatrist. Mental illnesses typically aren’t portrayed correctly in the media. I’m going to explore how news reports have contributed to the false belief that people who have mental illnesses are “violent” and/or “crazy,” but keep in mind that there are several other types of media that give this impression. I found a fascinating and informative article from The Huffington Post. The Huffington Post is an online news aggregator and blog that was founded in 2005. The article discusses how the media is perpetuating a dangerous myth about mental illness and there are several pieces of information incorporated in the article that are used to support this statement. The information is pulled from a study and news media portrayals in the form of television and print. The Huffington post article mentions that “researchers from Johns Hopkins University examined 400 random samples of

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