Essay on Mental Retardation in Flowers for Algernon

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A drug to treat a type of mental retardation has showed promise. I chose this particular text because it relates to my novel "Flowers for Algernon" this article states that a they’ve discovered a drug that will treat types of mental retardation and this relates to my book because Charlie the main character of "Flowers for Algernon" was a mentally retarted man and a couple of scientists did an experimental operation on him to boost his IQ and intelligence. In this article they state that the drug was tested on mice ". But recent studies with mice and other animals have given researchers hope that it may be possible to develop treatments that improve cognition and behavior in conditions" and in "Flowers for Algernon" Algernon the white mouse that the operation was successfully tested on and in the article they state that they tested the new drugs on mice and animals so the article and novel relate to each other on testing the drug and operation on specimens and mice.

Part B:
In the Novel Flowers for Algernon Charlie is the character which is speaking in the Text. Charlie the thirty two year old mentally retarded man has been told by the two scientists Professor Nemur and Dr.Strauss that did the experimental operation on him to boost his intelligence, That he would have to write a progress report every day to see how Charlie is adapting to the "new Charlie" and how he is developing and progressing. Everything is told in the form of “Progress Reports” written by Charlie for a…

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