Essay on Mental Retardation in Flowers for Algernon

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A drug to treat a type of mental retardation has showed promise. I chose this particular text because it relates to my novel "Flowers for Algernon" this article states that a they’ve discovered a drug that will treat types of mental retardation and this relates to my book because Charlie the main character of "Flowers for Algernon" was a mentally retarted man and a couple of scientists did an experimental operation on him to boost his IQ and intelligence. In this article they state that the drug was tested on mice ". But recent studies with mice and other animals have given researchers hope that it may be possible to develop treatments that improve cognition and behavior in conditions" and in "Flowers for Algernon" Algernon the white …show more content…

Charlie talks about Norma his younger sister the most but Charlie only remembers bad memories with his sister for example Norma use to become jealous of he brother because she thought he was getting special treatment. 2) In this novel flowers for Algernon Charlie’s story is being told on how the first human to be operated on to boost his intelligence is progressing and adapting to his new life. Norma Gordon’s Charlie’s sister story isn’t being told because Charlie doesn’t really know his sister and they live in different cities. And Charlie mother Rose story isn’t told either because he only has bad memories of her. 3) In this novel I feel that there are a couple of characters which have power in this book flowers for Algernon. First the main Character and protagonist Charlie has power over if he’s going to continue with the progress reports and coming to the lab once a day to do tests on him. The world is watching his steps of development and the more intelligent he becomes to more arrogant, Selfish and egotistic he becomes and he has the power to that because this experiment is based on how well he develops Nobody wants to get on his bad side. The second Character or should I say characters which have power are the Doctors Prof Namur and Dr.Strauss they have power over Charlie because they force him to do things which he does want to do for example Charlie feels that the progress reports are a waste of time and the doctors became furious

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