Mentally Ill And Mass Shootings

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I decided to do my research project on the mentally ill and mass shootings because there is a significant correlation between the two. I selected the topic of the mentally ill and mass shootings because it is an ever increasing epidemic that needs to be addressed. As mass shootings continue to rise we can see a direct correlation between the mentally ill and acts of violence being carried out by those individuals. For example, Sandy Hook, the Aurora movie theater shooting, the Las Vegas Route 91 shooting, etc. Statistics show that a mass shooting is attempted nearly every day, but is most often stopped before it is carried out or the plan falls through. There are always signs that the attack is about to occur. People often say the attack came as a surprise and was random, but that is never the case. The attacker often posts videos or messages online about the future attack. There is a need for prevention methods in order to reduce mass shootings. I learned a lot on the topic of mass shootings as well as the mentally ill. I do not believe that mentally ill individuals should be used as a scapegoat when crimes of violence occur. However, I do believe that some mass shootings and acts of violence can be directly linked to mentally ill people. Mentally ill individuals often lack reasoning and exhibit impulsive behavior. Finding information on mentally ill individuals is not that difficult because there have been several studies conducted involving mentally ill people. As mass

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