Meritocracy Essay

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Meritocracy in American’s lives Do Americans believe meritocracy exists in America? Do talented people who work hard earning the reward that they deserve? Do talented people have enough challenges for their promotion that they merit? Living in the United States, many people think meritocracy exists because people expect about the opportunities to learn, to work, to earn, and to deserve. People also think they may have chances to earn what they deserve because the trusting of meritocracy. However, talented people do not receive any adequate reward as they expect. Meritocracy does not exist in America and becomes a myth for many debates. Moreover, most talented people in America who work hard still have fewer resources, less promotion, …show more content…

Those insufficient pensions are inadequate and cannot sustain their livelihood, and they must be resourceful to conserve all few available resources. For example, one of my brothers who has worked as a building maintainer for more than twenty years still works past his retirement age because his retirement income is not enough to pay for all his living expenses. Thus, talented people who only earn low incomes will receive low pensions when they are no longer working. Moreover, some of them invested their money in the 401k, IRA, and other savings plans while they are still working, but the values of those savings plans depreciate with time, and it is very difficult to live independently in apartments. Regrettably, in their retirement, many talented people have to share a bedroom and a bathroom with an owner of a single home instead of owning a spacious private single home by themselves. Second, talented and hard-working people do not receive adequate lifetime benefit from medical care. Indeed, medical insurance expenses are still so high and many employers prevent their employees from receiving the employer self-insured medical insurance. Therefore, many talented but poor employees have to buy medical insurance with low or basic medical coverage and when they are seriously sick they will accumulate the largest debts they will

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