Metamorphoses By Greek Mythology Analysis

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Explanation of Characters Mentioned in the Myth *based on Ovid's descriptions in Metamorphoses **Pýramus and Thísbe are the only characters in the myth, although the tomb of Ninus is mentioned as well (IV.55-166). All other characters listed are mentioned during the first 50 lines of Book IV, which lead to the telling of the myth of Pýramus and Thísbe. Gods and goddesses • Bácchus – Roman god of wine, also known by the Greek name Dionýsus. Book III of Metamorphoses includes the story of the conception of Bácchus by the union of Júpiter and Sémele, the latter being a human woman. • Júpiter – The King of the gods in Roman mythology and the son of Saturn, also …show more content…

In Book IV of Metamorphoses, Arsippe suggested to her sisters that they tell stories and she is the first to begin with the myth of Pýramus and Thísbe. Arsippe is turned into a bat by Bácchus. • Leuconoë – Daughter of King MÍnyas , refused to celebrate Bácchus but instead worshiped Minérva with her sisters. Leuconoë followed Arsippe's account of Pýramus and Thísbe, in Book IV of Metamorphoses, with the story of Mars and Venus. The second part of the Mars and Venus myth contains another myth concerning Leucóthoë and Clýtië. Leuconoë is also turned into a bat by Bácchus. • * Important note: Do not confuse Leuconoë (the narrator of the myth) with Leucóthoë (one of the main characters of the myth). Both are human women with similar spelled names, however they are two separate

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