Metro Descriptive Essay

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As my friends and I stepped off the wooden deck of the tour boat onto the firm concrete the aromatic scent of the Seine washed over us like that of fresh rain. The hot, humid air didn’t match the azure gradient of the sky above. On the verdant lawn of a waterside park we split off from the rest of the group and lagged behind as the mass of tourists who trailblazed their way to the metro. Amongst hundreds the brilliant twinkling glass bulbs outlining The Eiffel Tower walked a band of Americans. Crossing roads and dodging vespas that changed lanes and swerved around cars like salmon avoiding rocks a stream. Our laughter mingled with the distant sirens, blaring horns, and faint cries of the vendors shouting “souvenirs! Pas cher, pas cher!” From street to street we pressed on until we reached the metro station. Sweat held my shirt to my back. The tight shoes I wore dug into my feet and they ached with every step as we ascended the stairs to the above-ground stop. From atop the platform we could look out onto the city of lights. The breathtaking view made up for the lack of stars, and then some. Weary and roasting we took in every detail of the gold lit houses peppered with the crimson taillights of cars. A low rumble filled the air as the clacking of the train came closer and closer until it reached the platform and halted imprecisely at our feet. With the press of a button the doors shot open with the sharp hiss and the group overran the first few train cars. About six

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