Metro Social Services Case Study

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The mission is to “Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in his name without discrimination.” The clientele ranges between families, single men, and single women. In which the temporary housing facility has separate areas for each. Their mission is to help these individuals as well as families to get stable and on their feet within two years. Through there transitional housing program there is a process you have to go through which is first being on the waiting list with Metro Social Services. From here is where you will have to go through the screening process. Which is first the application process. Once that is done you come in for a meeting to just get a brief overview of the client. After they have been approved before …show more content…

to get you started. You must gain a job while in this program to pay for the fees of living which is 10% of your check. If you do not already have a job you must go out every day to look for a job and bring back proof of all the places that you have went to until you find a job. Another thing through this program is they help you to find permanent living through section eight, rather it be a house or an apartment. Another cool thing that is offered is resume preparation and job readiness. They also have counseling and group sessions to help them to know that they are not alone. Also they do random drug testing and also alcohol test to ensure everyone is following all the rules. If they fail they are given to options 1: to get their things and leave or 2: go on 90 day probation. Once on probation you must be in at 6 unless you have to work or have a meeting in which you have to have proof of. Also you must attend group sessions for whatever you were caught …show more content…

This program is at the youth center and it allows the children free lessons. The children can get free lessons in any instrument that is available for example: guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, etc. They are allowed to find a song that they enjoy, give it to the instructor, the instructor learns the song and then comes back to teach them. They also have a recording studio which allows them to be able to record their songs. Also they have a performance and perform at gigs to show what they have learned. Another great opportunity that they are given is to be able to travel overseas but only if their grades have remained high and they are invested into the music

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