Michael Jackson Has Changed The Face Of Music

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Michael Jackson has changed the face of music. He has won numerous records for his music. He started his music career by being in a band with his family known as the Jackson 5 and it was with the band he became famous. Even though Michael has been known for many incidents, some good and some bad, he still revolutionized music today as the world knows it. Michael Jackson will always reign as the King of Pop. Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. His family was African American and very hard working. His mother Katherine Jackson was a very religious and devoted Jehovah 's Witness and worked as a home maker. His father Joseph Jackson was very into music but put his music career aside to provide for his family. His father was a guitarist but hung up his guitar and became a crane operator. Because his father knew music he could see the talent his kids had and morphed them into a band. The band started off with just Michael 's 3 older brothers Tito, Jermaine, and Jackie but Michael soon became the lead vocalist at the age of five. For being as young as he was Michael, had an incredible range. After Michael 's brother Marlon joined the band, the Jackson 5 was complete. Joseph had pushed his sons to be successful but it is said that his methods involved getting violent with his children. The Jackson 5 started to grow locally, playing at small gigs. While they were playing their small gigs they would work on getting better so that in the future they could

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