Michelangelo Buenarroti: A Renaissance Man Essay

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The Renaissance was a period of cultural movement and the introduction of cultural heroes, is known as “Renaissance Men”. One of these men was Michelangelo Buenarroti. Michelangelo was a world-wide known painter, sculptor, architect, and poet, who was of great Importance and had a great impact on our modern day culture. On March 6th, 1475 Leonardo di Buonarrota and Francesca Neri had their second out of five sons in the small village of Caprese, Italy. They named him Michelangelo di Lodovivo Buonarroti Simoni. But soon after being birthed Michelangelo moved to Florence, Italy with his family. As Michelangelo grew up, his father came to realize that Michelangelo was not interested in schooling or the family’s financial business, and would …show more content…

In 1498, Michelangelo relocated to Rome, where he caught the attention of another cardinal, Jean Bilheres de Lagraulas, who was also a representive of the french King Charles VIII to the pope. Michelangelo during this time created his “Pieta”, which is now presently in the St. Peter’s Basilica, in Vatican City By the time Michelangelo returned to Florence, he had become somewhat of an art star. He had taken over commissions for a statue of “David”, and several other commissions, including a important project for the tomb of Pope Julis II, but this project was interrupted due to a request for Michelangelo to decorate the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo continued the work on the tomb of Julis II after the Sistine Chapel was completed, and even designed the Medici Chapel and the Laurentian Library. But like with every artist came controversy. In 1541, Michelangelo unveiled the “Last Judgement”, located on the far wall of the Sistine Chapel. The “Last Judgement” was said to be inappropriate, due to the nude figures being located in such a holy place. Though Michelangelo had a brilliant mind and a tremendous amount of talent, he also had a belligerentious personality and a quick temper. This not only got Michelangelo into trouble but it also created a dissatisfaction in his perspective for the artist, who constantly strived for perfection. This caused him to occasionally

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