Mick Kelly Character Analysis

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Mick Kelly is a very insecure teenager who just wants to be like everyone else and fit in with everyone else. Mick feels as if nobody gets or understands her just because she may not be like the other kids her age. As a result of her not fitting in with the rest of the crowd, she finds ways out. She also finds ways to get away by herself so she doesn't have to feel insecure, unwanted, or unnoticed. Mick Kelly has many different ways to get away from everything and to be happy by her lonesome self at times.. All Mick wants is to be accepted by someone and for someone to actually understand her or at least try to understand her. Her rooms that she talks about in the book are imaginary places where she can essentially get away from everything, go off into her own little world filled with music and happiness. Throughout the story Mick speaks about her so called inside room every once in awhile. The first time we hear about Mick’s inside room is in Chapter One Part Two. This is the chapter involving her Promegade she threw at her house with her friends from the vocational school she attends. We see the inside room after madness erupts from the party and all the kids go outside to play. After all of Mick and her friends get done playing, she walks to the rich neighborhood because they all have radios and play them with their windows open. Mick sits down in the bushes outside of the house in front of a window as she hears Beethoven for her very first time. This is when Mick seems

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