Migratory Implications Of Media On Interracial Relationships

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Migratory Implications in Media on Interracial Relationships James M. Oscher Jr. University of Nevada – Las Vegas Migratory Implications in Media on Interracial Relationships Just over 50 years ago the United States Supreme Court overturned and nationalized the ruling on interracial marriage. Since then there has been an ever increasing amount of interracial marriages, along with interracial relationships. Since then there also has been a greater increase in the public being exposed to mass media. There have been numerous studies on interracial relationships, with variables like wars, legal matters, immigration and even military occupation. We will examine in this paper if media exposure has an impact on cross-cultural or interracial relationship in relation to immigration to the United States. I reason that there is a correlation between public opinion views and legal status of immigration to views on interracial relationships. We see a recent example of this with Barack Obama’s successful campaign for the presidency of the United States, Halle Berry’s Oscar win in 2002, multiracial and multinational collaborations and successes in music, and a visible rise in ethnically ambiguous models and celebrities (Washington, 2012). Literature Review To understand the position taken we must look at migration out of the United States to understand the implications in immigration. In Maggie Böhm and Derrick Shapley (2013) they examine the data from PUMS from 1970 to
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