Military Crimes Of The United States Constitution

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The arrest and trial of enemy combatants by military tribunal poses no significant moral issues. It is military order to detain those accused of international terrorism. Every country has their own guidelines and regulations when it comes to punishments, the U.S. punishments could be worse. Overall, the American government has and will try to do all that is necessary in order to protect all Americans. As of 2001, a new order in war was presented. The United States Constitution allows Congress the enumerated war power to form rules regarding captures on land as well as water (Art. I, Section 8). Congress delegates the president with the authority to remove any enemy combatants considered harmful. The president’s power to have such authorization of the detainment, sequestering of one as “enemy combatants” without a criminal indictment comes from the law of war and is supported by the Supreme Court authority. George W. Bush, president and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, declared that it is of military order to detain those accused of terrorism in U.S. military custody. According to the Constitutional Rights Foundation, also “[those who knowingly harbor such individuals]…those who have engaged in, aided, or conspired to commit international terrorist acts against the United States or its citizens” (Military Tribunals). How can the arrest and trial of enemy combatants by military tribunal pose significant moral issues if it is part of military order? It is going to be
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