Military Drones Research

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One of the strongest attributes of the UAV weapon systems is their precision and accuracy on a target. UAV’s have the ability to scan, track and monitor a target for hours before ever engages a potential enemy. During that time, the decision to engage is not left on the operator alone. The unique nature of this technology is that more than one person has a vote in pulling the trigger. Due to these unique capabilities, drones, according to many reports, inflict relatively low civilian casualty rates. (Williams, 2013) Critics use the subject of civilian casualties as an argument both for and against the use of drones. From a purely statistical analysis and perspective, the use of drones might be the safest and most precise way to strike…show more content…
Several independent groups, as well as media organizations, have debated the civilian casualty numbers. (Williams, 2013) The issue with the casualties is that there is no exact science for tracking and distinguishing between a civilian and a terrorist or Taliban fighter. The estimates that are the highest are generally the ones reported in the local news and it often builds a perception that the drones are targeting and killing innocent civilians. The local civilian does not understand the protocols or the capabilities that the drones possess to ensure that a strike is exercised prudently. Eventually, what the local press reports becomes the reality and the U.S. loses the trust of the local population. (Williams,…show more content…
During World War II, civilians were impacted by aerial bombardments on major cities, in both Europe and Asia. The difference is a large aerial bombardment does not feel as personal and direct as a drone strike. So victims of a drone strike actually have an issue to complain about but, unfortunately, there is no one on the ground to assist family members who are grieving their loss. The civilian casualty issue has less to do with the raw data, that actually demonstrates drones are much safer than carpet bombing a city or industrial complex.
The issue is public perception. Counterterrorism analysts and politicians have reviewed data and conducted public opinion polls of those affected by the drone strikes and found that overwhelmingly those polled view the use of drones negatively (Bergen, P., 2011). In a 2009 Gallup Poll, only nine percent of Pakistani’s approved of the use of drone strikes. Analysts believe that this will lead to more of the public taking sides with the terrorist or at least becoming sympathetic to the cause of groups like Al
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