Militza Rivera Research Paper

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Militza Rivera has had a very wild and unpredictable life, from moving around as a child to having her future plans for herself turned upside down. She has been many exotic places and experienced many things, so her life is not at all what she expected, but that is ok with her. Her father was a diplomat from Puerto Rico, so her family was forced to move around a lot, which added a lot of unexpected twists and turns to her life. She was born in Puerto Rico and has lived just about everywhere else in North and South America since that time. She moved to the US at age 3 and during her time in the states her family lived in North Carolina, Alabama, and other South East coastal states. Peru was the next stop and they moved there right before her fifth grade year. During her junior high and most of her high school life she lived in Argentina, which was her favorite place to live outside of the US. She spent her senior year of high school learning in Kansas, and stayed there for college where she attended Kansas State University (KSU) in Manhattan, Kansas. She finished up college in Minnesota, where she has resided to this day, at Saint Cloud State University (SCSU). …show more content…

She even went to college at KSU to pursue that path in life, she had her whole life planned out and was positive that is what she would do in the future. But one day after class she was having a conversation with her Spanish Literature professor, and the topic of teaching was brought up. Until that point her life Mrs.Rivera had never even thought about teaching as an actual career. That one conversation changed her life and future as she knew it. She had her entire life flipped upside down, and switched her major to become a Spanish teacher. For a person that had dealt with the unexpected her whole life that was one of the biggest changes she had experienced, and it was only the

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