Millennial Generation

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As unfortunate as it sounds, it is common that a generation will have to face a collective trauma, be it wars, an economic crisis, or political shifts that completely change the entire country. Millennials are currently facing the aftermath of the generation before them, as well as struggling to stay afloat with modern-day crises. To understand why Millennials are straying away from home ownership, one must look at all the events that shaped the Millennial generation. It is important to note, however, that the term "Millennial" encompasses a massive age range that can include students in college, as well as people in their mid-thirties. Millennials that truly lived the Great Recession were in their early to mid twenties; while on the other end of the Millennial spectrum, they were around eleven or twelve and had to watch their parents struggle without truly understanding what was happening. What happens when an age gap faces the same crises? It shapes an entire generation. Older Millennials are wary of buying houses because they so clearly remember the fraud and can still feel the disillusionment. Younger Millennials see others in their similar age group struggling with housing and have to live through the disillusionment. Older Millennials had the promise of the american dream taken away from them, younger Millennials grew up without it, knowing it was a lie. Millennials collectively are wary of the housing market, even if it is not consciously. It is clear in the

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